Thursday, August 23, 2018

Moon shot with A7Rii Super35 + Canon 200mm F/2.8@ F11.

This moon shot was taken by A7Rii using Super35 mode, with Canon 200mm F2.8@F11 (equivalent to ~ 300mm).

To get this shot, you need to take the shot underexposure, which allows the camera to see all detail of the moon surface. Otherwise, you can only see a big white ball.

By using the lowest possible ISO, the noise is reduced significantly. By setting the aperture to F11, the lens will perform at the best and also further underexposure the image. By manually setting speed to 1/200-1/300, I can simply handheld. Make sure, that you do not underexposure too much.

A7Rii in Super35 mode made 200mm to be 300mm, which help a bit.

Here you have it!

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